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Night Out with “The Girls” wants to educate as many women as possible about early breast cancer detection. In order to reach these women, we had to create a movement…and we want you to be part of it!

We know that even the thought of potentially getting diagnosed with breast cancer can be scary. We also know there are ways for women to detect breast cancer early. However, us gals may “know” the importance of early detection, but fears, questions and confusion when it comes to “the girls” and what it looks like to take care of them, is a very real thing!

The good news is that NOWTG not only educates women on the INs and OUTs of early breast cancer detection, but we equip people with the tools, information and confidence to take their health into their own hands, literally and figuratively (hello, breast-self exams)!

This is why we are introducing Beyond the Bra Facilitator Program to give you a chance to educate, inform and inspire women to take action towards their breast health in a manner that exudes comfort, connection and conversation (and a lot of fun).

Discover Beyond the Bra!

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How It Works

Facilitators have the option of doing their events in-person, virtual or a mix of both! NOWTG events can occur in-person in homes, gyms, retail establishments, churches, schools or any other setting that strikes your fancy. OR, maybe virtual events make the most sense right now. Bring on Zoom, a willingness to get comfy-cozy with your computer (hello, NOWTG PJ parties) and no need to worry about childcare, traffic or cleaning your house, organizing your space and getting nibbles and bevs.

The reality is, girls can learn about “the girls” in any setting, at any time and in any way!

By being a Facilitator, you will have the opportunity to serve your communities, clients, friends and family in such a unique way. We know that women have fear, questions and uncertainties when it comes to their breasts. However, by being part of “the girls” movement, you will help empower these women so they are educated, informed and even excited about taking an active role in the health and the future of their “girls”. Did we mention you will have fun at the same time?

Who is it for?

  • Want to be apart of something that is revolutionizing women’s health
  • Are passionate about breast cancer education
  • Want to make a difference
  • Enjoy being part of something disruptive and unique
  • Create an environment for women to learn about something difficult in a fun way
  • Like being part of community
  • Want to take action in the fight against breast cancer
  • Embrace opportunities actively influence communities and make change
  • Are looking for a unique, easy marketing and/or sales opportunity to better serve your clients/customers
  • Like approaching old problems in new ways
  • Value community, connection and conversation
  • Recognize there is room for improvement in the healthcare industry
  • Appreciate that hard health topics can be and should be talked about in a different way
  • Thrive on having challenging conversation, in a fun environment
  • Looking for a unique reason to bring women together
  • Are a self-starter or entrepreneur
  • Desire an extra income


Who is it for?


Why become a Beyond the Bra Facilitator?

The benefits of being a Beyond the Bra Facilitator are universal. No matter who you are or where you are located, as a Facilitator, you will experience tremendous impact personally and professionally, all while serving your community! 


As a Facilitator you can:

  • Provide potentially life-saving, timely and incredibly relevant breast health education virtually or in-person
  • Build a business that is easy to implement, allows for a flexible schedule and changes lives
  • Offer a one-of-a-kind event for attendees that encourages comfort, conversation and connection
  • Bring a FUN experience and lightness to an otherwise scary and uncomfortable subject
  • Give back and provide tremendous value to your community
  • Be part of a movement that is unique and offers a disruptive, action-focused approach to how women learn about taking care of their “girls”

The Cold Hard Truth

One out of every eight women nationally get diagnosed with breast cancer. In some states, such as Colorado, that number is higher. Take a moment and think about that in terms of your current/potential customers and clients, communities, members, direct sales team, family, friends, etc.

Unfortunately, the reality is we can’t change these statistics. Furthermore, without taking action, it is not possible to detect breast cancer early.

Yet, There is Really Good News…

Together, we can do our part to empower women in our lives, and their “girls”, in this unique way.

By being a Beyond the Bra Facilitator, you will have the opportunity to provide women with the tools, education, confidence and encouragement to take action when it comes to the health of their “girls”.

Together, we can serve the women in our lives, and their “girls” by going beyond awareness, and truly inspiring action…and having fun in the process!


The Cold Hard Truth