Frequently Asked Questions


We Love Your Questions

We know you have questions, we’ve got answers!

Do I need to work in the healthcare field?
No. We designed our events to be facilitated by anyone who has a passion for serving women. Our corporate events team has created videos where our expert healthcare providers share the pertinent health information for you and your participants. You simply follow the guide, play the videos and facilitate a discussion, and have fun in the process.

If you, or your participants, have further questions we encourage everyone to call their own healthcare provider OR attend one of our quarterly webinars with our team of providers and breast cancer survivors.

Do I need to have gone through breast cancer to be a Facilitator?
No. Although we welcome breast cancer survivors to be Facilitators, it is not a requirement at all. Being a Beyond the Bra Facilitator is perfect for anyone who has a passion for educating women on the importance of early breast cancer detection.
What is the application/interview process?
  • Online ApplicationStart by filling out the application here.
  • Allow Time for Review – Once your application has been submitted, please allow 48 hours for review.
  • Zoom Interview – If you are selected to move forward you will be contacted to do a Zoom video interview with someone from the NOWTG Corporate Team.
  • Offer and Onboarding – If you are chosen to continue as a Facilitator we will then provide you with the Facilitator agreement, onboarding documents, access to the online portal and the next upcoming training date.
Do I have to live in Colorado, where NOWTG corporate offices are located?
No. That’s the beauty of becoming a Facilitator…you can help women from anywhere! Whether you choose to do the events virtually or in-person, you can do them from wherever you are.

Best part? You can be a Beyond the Bra pioneer by being the FIRST in your state to bring NOWTG to your community. Fill out your application here.

How does this generate income for me?
This is our favorite question to answer. You are in complete control of how much/if you charge each participant for attending an event AND how frequently you host an event. We recommend charging $20/person and doing at least 2 events per year with 32 attendees, for a total of 64 participants, (this would allow you to recoup your investment as a Facilitator).
What do I need to hold an event?
  • A laptop
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • WiFi connection
  • Projector screen (if doing in-person)
  • Projector (if doing events in-person)
  • Beyond the Bra Facilitators Guide
  • Zoom Pro virtual meeting platform (if doing events virtually)
  • Credit card processing system of your choosing to collect participant fees

Once you become a Facilitator, you will receive onboarding materials and training that cover these items in detail. We will set you up for success!

How much does it cost to be a Facilitator?
There is an initial setup fee of $500. It is a 12 month commitment with a $65/month fee for maintaining the license. Your monthly fee also gives you continued access to the online Facilitator portal where the NOWTG corporate office will provide you with training materials, marketing and sales materials and support.
What is the commitment to being a Facilitator?
From your start date (the time you become onboarded as a Facilitator) the agreement is for 12 consecutive months. At the end of the 12 months you may choose to renew your license.
Do I have to sign-up for 12 months?
Yes. We are asking for a 12 month commitment. We believe that by committing to 12 months it will give you the best opportunity to serve as many people as you choose.
Do I get training as a Facilitator?
Yes! The NOWTG corporate office offers training videos in addition to your initial LIVE onboarding training session, which is executed virtually via Zoom video chat. You will have access to a training section in the online portal. We offer training videos on facilitation, sales, marketing and troubleshooting.
What is in the Facilitator portal?
  • A digital download of the NOWTG Facilitators Guide
  • Access to the NOWTG event videos
  • Access to FAQ and help videos
  • Access to quarterly LIVE Q&A with healthcare providers and breast cancer survivors
  • Digital marketing collateral and brand guide
    • Media gallery
    • Pre-approved
Is the Beyond the Bra Facilitator Program considered direct sales?
No. Unlike direct sales models, being a Beyond the Bra Facilitator does not involve commissions, downlines/teams and compensation plans. Although being a Beyond the Bra Facilitator can be a nice complement to individuals’ direct sales businesses, this is not a direct sales business.

So what’s the catch?

We know it sounds too good to be true, but the reality is that our mission is to educate every woman about early breast cancer detection. By licensing our program, you have autonomy to put on events however you would like. Our model empowers your participants to learn how to take care of their “girls” AND empowers you to generate an income at the same time. Our Facilitator program is intentionally designed to be simple, so you can focus on serving as many women as possible, and making a true difference in their lives.