The “Perfect Fit” Assessment

We’re Looking Forward to Getting to Know You!

Hey there! We are thrilled you are interested in bringing women together to talk about early breast cancer detection and overall breast health.

Since you are here, our sense is that you are a bit intrigued about Night Out with “The Girls” (NOWTG) and the Beyond the Bra Facilitator Program! If so, you are definitely in the right place!

One fun, quick way to find out if this program makes sense for you is by taking the “Perfect Fit” Assessment! This non-scientific, let’s-get-to-know-each-other assessment is a set of questions below that will help you gauge if the Beyond the Bra Facilitator Program aligns with your goals, passions, community involvement, business and most importantly you!

The “Perfect Fit” Assessment should take you just a couple of minutes to complete, as we know you most-likely have a few other things to do today (wink, wink).

Let’s get started!


  1. Read each question and keep track of what number you choose. This will help determine your average score at the end. 
  2. When you’ve gone through each question, add up the numbers from each question and divide by 4. This will give you an average. 
  3. At the bottom of the assessment, enter your name, email and average score. Feel free to add any comments you’d like us to read as well! 
  4. Once we receive your email we will respond within 48 business hours with next steps. 
How would you rate your passion/interest in early breast cancer detection/breast cancer awareness?
1- Early breast cancer detection is not a topic in which I have a lot of passion/interest.
2- I am not overly passionate about this topic, but recognize the importance of early breast cancer detection.
3- I really don’t have a strong feeling either way.
4- I am interested in early breast cancer detection and want to learn/share more.
5- Heck yeah, I am definitely passionate about “the girls”…early detection and breast health awareness is a MUST!! I want to shout it from the rooftops!

How much do you value the connection between women, in your own personal/professional life?
1- Not important at all, I don’t have time or interest in connection.
2- Somewhat important, it depends on the day.
3- I really don’t have a strong feeling either way.
4- Connection is important.
5- Connection is KEY! I love creating and participating in opportunities to connect with others.

How would you rate your ability to steer, generate and facilitate informal conversations among small groups of women?
1- Yikes! Not my thing! I would rather participate than facilitate.
2- I can do this, if I have to….
3- I haven’t had a lot of experience facilitating groups.
4- I can definitely facilitate informal conversations (and enjoy it) when I have the opportunity.
5- Getting gals talking is my jam! I love facilitating conversations and have done this quite a bit in many areas of my life!

How comfortable are you using various technology platforms, such as: Zoom, Google Docs, Google Slides, streaming videos and/or a slide deck?
1- I am not a fan of technology at all!
2- I am not familiar with these types of technology, but know that technology/virtual events are very important.
3- I am familiar with these technology tools, but do not use them on a regular-basis.
4- I use all OR some of these tools pretty darn regularly (and feel comfortable doing so).
5- The question is, when do I NOT use these tools. They are an intricate part of my everyday life…personally and professionally!

Feeling ready to go?

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